Gymnastics isn’t just for youngsters, it’s for the young at heart. Adult Gym is for anyone age 16 and older who wants to reap the amazing physical benefits that gymnastics offers. Participants need not have any prior gymnastics experience, just a willing mind to explore and enjoy a fun new fitness activity. You are welcome to try out all the equipment in the gym or simply focus on specific skills. Gymnastics is the ultimate way to stay fit while building your strength and having fun! Our coaches will assist and ensure safety for all attending. We offer two payment options for you, either Pay-as -you-go or purchase one of our convenient punch cards and SAVE.

We also offer All Ages Drop In Open Gym. This is a great way to explore the facility and see if gymnastics is right for your child. It’s also a great way for gymnasts, dancers, cheerleaders, gain that extra edge by having a place to work on whatever they wish to work on.

2019 Summer 4-Week Mini-Sessions

(Jul 2 – Jul 27) or (Aug 6 – Aug 31)

. . . . .
Drop-In Gym . . . . . 12:30 – 1:30pm

2019 Summer 4-Week Mini-Session Price List

(Jul 2 – Jul 27) or (Aug 6 – Aug 31)

Drop-In Gym 60 Minutes $12.50 per visit

*All prices are HST applicable
Club membership fee $35.00 may apply.

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